Christopher C. Cariker

Christopher C. Cariker
Actor/Poet/Teaching Artist



As of September I am hip deep in Neil Simon. Currently, I am directing "FOOLS"at Mount Baker high school in Deming WA. This is my fourth year as Drama Coach and I could not be more excited to return to the director's chair once again. We open on November 11, stay tuned for further updates!

Also, I have just signed on as the advertising sales representative for Entertainment News NW! This job will allow me the flexibility to continue performing and keep the lights on at the same time. 

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Acting Reel

Selected Resume


The Librarians - Security Guard - TNT

Law and Order - Jury Member - NBC East

Life On Mars - Lawyer - 20th Century Fox

Salt - NYPD - Columbia Pictures

Silent Scream - Joe Rayne - RIJAM Pictures

Web / Industrial

11B - Ben Wescott

Jesus - Knowing is Sharing

Magician - Tongue Twister Theatre

Henry VIII - History vs Herstory

Warehouse Customer - Fed Ex

Salesman - Microsoft Dynamics


The Island of Doctor Moreau - Moreau (Bobby Award winning)

The Underpants - Theo

The 39 Steps - Richard Hannay

The Nerd - Warnock Waldgrave

Keely and Du - Cole

Killer Joe - Joe Cooper

Mount Baker Theatre Rep

The Nerd

Directed by Corey McDaniel

Photo by Damian Vines

The 39 Steps

Directed by Teresa Thuman

Photo by Damian Vines

The Underpants

Directed by Teresa Thuman

Photo by Damian Vines

Fight Reel

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Christopher C. Cariker